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Relief from Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome

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“Dr. Kowalski changed my life. For 20 years I suffered from various ailments due to Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome, including debilitating fatigue, psoriasis, depression, constant hunger, weight gain, irritability, dry skin, consistently low temperatures, muscle soreness and loss of hair. The worst was the fatigue, making it almost impossible to work.

Dr. Kowalski recommended T-3 and after only a couple of days, my fatigue was gone – I finally had energy again! Within a week and a half, my depression, irritability, constant hunger, and psoriasis of five years improved. I am already starting to lose weight and my skin is no longer dry and sallow – I actually have some color in my cheeks and my husband says I look younger!

The best part, I was able to stop the Synthroid medication that I’ve been taking for 15 years, and I’m weaning off my depression medication too! I feel so good, I hardly know myself anymore.”

— Linda H.

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