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A Hole in One for Pain Relief

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“The base of my thumb hurt so bad that I had to quit playing golf. In fact, I couldn’t even hold up a book, and my already terrible penmanship took a turn for the worse.

I heard about Dr. Kowalski and as skeptical as I was about seeing an acupuncturist, I was willing to try anything. I had already been to a hand specialist and tried cortisone shots, but refused other options such as surgery and anti-inflammatories because of the risks.

My first visit lasted two hours. Dr. Kowalski reviewed my medical history but also went through every food, vitamin, and liquid I consumed daily. I never knew that some foods contributed to arthritis while others helped relieve it. My diet has changed considerably – I had to give up coffee, but I have also lost 10 pounds! And the truth is, the needles are no big deal.

After just six weeks, I’m at a pain level of 2, compared to a level of 8 when I first started. I am even going to play golf this week! But I’m not the only golfer Dr. Kowalski has helped; he even treated professional golfers playing at TPC. In fact, one golfer almost quit after 9 holes but after treatment with Dr. Kowalski, he went on to win second place.”

— Gunilla C.

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