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An Absolutely Outstanding Experience

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I started seeing Dr. Kowalski after suffering from years of anxiety, depression, fatigue, panic attacks and recurring bouts of prostatitis. I generally just felt like crap and for many years. My body also had been ravaged by excessive over-prescribing of antibiotics by primary doctors and was found to be causing a lot of my problems. Every time I would visit a doctor, and I tried many, I would get nowhere, just a pill.

I have also not been great at handling stress over the years and that, combined with my poor diet of lattes, sodas and junk food, [put my body] in rough shape. I was very skeptical at first to use a holistic doctor but after he identified a serious issue with my lab work he was able to isolate the problem, plan a course of action and start treatment. That was around three months ago and I can truly say that I feel like a new man, just like he said I would.

I highly recommend Dr. Kowalski to anyone who is having limited to no results with modern traditional medicine and just want some relief or verification that it is not “all in your head.” It is incredibly hard to go on for years not knowing what is wrong when you know in your heart that something is.

Here is what I have noticed since I started therapy:

  • Decreased anxiety
  • Increased energy and endurance
  • Able to handle stressful situations better
  • Reduced phobia response
  • Less lower back pain
  • Fewer Prostate flare ups
  • Better sense of well being
  • Fewer IBS symptoms
  • Lost weight around midsection

Happy health to you,

— Richard G.

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