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Product Highlight: Prostate Formula

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Golden Flower Prostate Formula

Prostate Formula
By Golden Flower Chinese Herbs

As most men age, their prostate enlarges. When the size of a man’s prostate grows large enough to press on his urethra and cause annoying symptoms such as difficulty urinating and frequent urination, this is called Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, or BPH.

Overgrowth of prostate tissue is spurred by a hormone called di-hydro-testosterone (DHT). Many natural supplements address BPH with herbs such as Saw Palmetto, which inhibits the body’s production of DHT. However, such Saw Palmetto herbal formulas, if not balanced, can cause unwanted side effects such as lower libido.

In Chinese Medicine, Dampness in the prostate causes it to enlarge, resulting in frequent short voiding of urine associated with a deficiency of Kidney Qi (energy). Chinese herbs which increase Spleen Yang energy will relieve Dampness and shrink the prostate, while herbs that increase Kidney Qi and Kidney Yang will restore control of the Water and aid in normalizing urination.

Prostate Formula by Golden Flower Chinese Herbs is a well-designed, balanced Chinese herbal formula that includes Saw Palmetto. While it has Spleen Yang herbs that relieve prostate Dampness, it is balanced with Kidney Yang herbs to promote normal urination while maintaining sexual function.

Recommended Dosage: 2 to 4 small tablets, twice daily.

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