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Product Highlight: Women’s Precious

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Womens Precious

K’an Herbs’ “Women’s Precious” is Chinese Herbal Medicine’s premier women’s tonic. Women’s Precious is based on an ancient Chinese herbal formula and is designed to nourish and regulate the Blood, strengthen the Qi, adjust the menses, support fertility, and nurture and firm the uterus.

In Chinese Herbal Medicine, the term “Blood” refers to not only the physical entity that flows through our blood vessels, but also to a person’s qualities of radiance, composure, presence, abundance, accumulation of memory, contentment, self-esteem, and calmness. Blood is also the power of cyclic and rhythmic transformation. It allows physical creation and procreation.

A woman’s life is disproportionately concerned with Blood. The menstrual cycle and the process of procreation are significant burdens and can easily deplete a woman’s Blood. Whenever the Blood’s resources need to be replenished, whether from depletion or a constitutional weakness, Women’s Precious brings the right balance.

Physical Indications

This formula is the classic and most commonly used Chinese herbal preparation for all menstrual problems rooted in and generated from Blood and Qi deficiencies. Women’s Precious is indispensable for multiple menstrual irregularities. Dr. Zhang Jie-bin, in his 1624 A.D. Ming Dynasty original description of this formula, stated that, in addition to any menstrual difficulties, Women’s Precious is ideal for fertility-related problems.

Psychological Indications

Whenever a person, male or female, feels restless, irritable, anxious, uneasy, forgetful, or “unable to go with the flow,” Women’s Precious can provide subtle nourishment for the Heart’s Blood. If one becomes fragile, brittle, uneven or awkward, Precious can moisten these aspects of the Liver’s Blood. For a person who becomes unusually awkward, hesitant, timid or unsure in relationships with friends, family and/or society, Women’s Precious can provide a delicate counterbalance for any deficiencies in these areas.

In general, Women’s Precious encourages us to feel comfortable in our surroundings and supports self-esteem. Whether you feel like an outcast, deserted, or out of place in life, nourishing the Blood with this formula can be a helpful herbal response.

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