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Staying Active In Old Age with Acupuncture!

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As one ages, the temptation to slow down and become less active becomes stronger as our energy depletes, our bones weaken, and our health starts to show signs of fatigue and stress. But when we fight that temptation, a whole host of opportunities for healthier, happier living opens up for us. When we begin the journey for healthier living, acupuncture can help by being that boost we need to stay energized and active. 

Bone health: acupuncture is a wonderful tool for healing in such cases as osteoporosis, which is an illness that targets the density and formation of mineral growth in our bones as we age, making them susceptible to fractures and breaks. Acupuncture helps promote the creation of that mineral growth and promotes blood flow that prevents the buildup and stagnation of energy (called qi), and keeps healthy flow of qi and blood to the necessary repair sites in your bones. 

Muscle function: because of that blood flow and prevention of qi stagnation, acupuncture also helps create a protective layer around muscle that is beginning to deteriorate, preventing muscle atrophy. It can also prevent muscle soreness and pain by keeping your circulation in good condition, which is often a big factor in how active we can be once we get to an advanced age. 

Joint health: acupuncture has been studied and proven to be an effective treatment in bettering health across the board for joint pain relating to osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more illnesses that affect our joints as we age. It can also have a positive effect on the production of cartilage, which keeps our joints bendy and youthful. Acupuncture is especially helpful in reducing joint inflammation. 

Just because we’re aging does not mean that we cannot still enjoy an active lifestyle with our children, our grandchildren, and our friends and loved ones. Bone density, joint issues, and muscle fatigue should not be the thing that prevents us from living a fantastically fun life, no matter the age our adventures find us at. Call today at (904) 296-9545 to find out how acupuncture can help put the pep in your step again!

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