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Achieve Your Resolutions

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How Nature’s Energy Can Help You
Achieve Your New Year Resolutions

Florida Sunrise - New Year's Resolutions

By Tracy Kozak, Acupuncture Physician
@ Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center
Jacksonville, FL

Now that 2016 has arrived, many of you may have committed to one or more resolutions for the New Year. All too often we find ourselves making New Year resolutions we fall short of not long after we begin. Let’s consider how nature’s infinite wisdom can help you successfully carry out those plans.

The legendary Yellow Emperor states in his ancient text, “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine,” that, “In winter all is hidden. Winter is the season of retirement into depth, because of the cold outside. At this time you must not disturb or disperse the yang (Fire, active) energy so that you can allow the yin (water, nourishing) reserves to be re-established within you.”

In accordance with nature and the five elements, consider using the energy of winter and the element of water as seeds do – to begin metamorphosis and manifest destiny in the deep recesses of the earth. Just like seeds, all of our energies are being called to examine the depths of our being, reflect inward, learn from the past year’s lessons and look ahead to where you can direct your energy most effectively.

The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine also states,“The months of the Spring season bring about the revitalization of all things in nature. It is the time of birth. This is when Heaven and Earth are reborn. During this season it is advisable to retire early and arise early. Also, go walking in order to absorb the fresh, invigorating energy. Since this is the season in which the universal energy begins anew and rejuvenates, one should attempt to correspond to it directly by being open and unsuppressed, both physically and emotionally.” After the depth and introspection we experience in winter, spring energy will arise and signs of renewal and hope start to stir within us. The seeds of change that we planted begin to blossom, growing with the new energy we feel.

This winter season, consider reflecting on the past year and holding off on implementing your resolutions until spring. Spring’s energy will naturally give you a sense of renewal, vision and inspiration to bring goals and creative energy to fruition.

The Circle of Life Exercise

circle of life - resolutions

The following exercise is perfect for exploring what areas of your life may be unbalanced and need more nurturing and attention during this winter season.

  1. 1. Draw a large circle with 12 spokes.
  2. 2. For each spoke, write in an element that is important to you in your life. Some elements to consider adding to your circle are career, laughter, fresh air and exercise, creativity, relationships, stable finances, social life, spirituality, home environment, beauty, education, healthy foods, or home cooking.
  3. 3. Consider how satisfied you are with each area in your life. Probe and ask yourself some questions about each area. Think of the past year and the ways you did (or didn’t) attend to those parts of your life.
    • – Do you have a desire to continue learning and intellectually growing?
    • – Has it been a while since you’ve laughed?
    • – Are you living on candy and caffeine to get you through the day?
    • – When did you last spend time in silence or in prayer?
    • – Have you struggled with money and budgeting without addressing it?
  4. 4. Place a dot on each line that represents your relative level of satisfaction. Putting a dot at the very center, where all spokes come together, means completely UNSATISFIED and the edge of the circle means completely SATISFIED.
  5. 5. Connect your dots and draw your current circle of life. For most of us, this is a bumpy circle that visually shows the areas that are “depressed” or undernourished. See where the greatest imbalances and needs are. Reflect on it for a while. These may be the areas that you choose to work into your goals and aspirations for the New Year.

Please remember that Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center is always here to help you achieve your healthcare goals. We wish you a very happy and prosperous New Year.

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