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Product Highlight: Adaptogen

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Adaptogen by Restorative Formulations

By Restorative Formulations


Adaptogen is an herbal supplement used to restore proper adrenal and immune function. Adrenal imbalances, often caused by chronic stress, can cause a wide variety of symptoms, such as fatigue, low immunity, insomnia, dizziness upon standing, lack of motivation, irritability and depressed mood.

Adaptogenic herbs are well-studied. Modern research proves that symptoms of adrenal imbalances can help you exercise better and improve red and white blood cell counts for patients with lowered immune systems. Adaptogens improve the immune and endocrine (hormone-producing) systems, which helps to protect against infections.

Being stressed can result in fatigue and emotional strain. The longer it goes on, the greater your chances of getting burned out. This can cause complaints such as lightheadedness upon standing, insomnia and low blood sugar problems (shakiness, irritability, or headaches when you go too long without eating).

Adaptogen is formulated with herbs that improve your body’s energy levels by supporting and restoring the function of the adrenal glands. Due to its calming effect, it often helps with insomnia.

Instead of using caffeine to get an energy boost, which actually has negative effects on the body over time, many of our patients use a capsule of Adaptogen as a healthy substitute. Adaptogen gives you a calm energy boost, instead of the nervous boost caffeine can give you.

Side effects: There are no known side effects and no contraindications to Adaptogen.

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