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5 Element Acupuncture


Why Worsley 5 Element Acupuncture?

I often get asked, “What is the difference between Worsley 5 Element acupuncture (5 Element) and other types of acupuncture?” It’s a good question. Many folks don’t realize that there are several styles of acupuncture. Some styles of acupuncture will only treat the symptoms. I practice the 5 Element style because it not only relieves symptoms, it diagnoses and treats the root cause of a person’s illness.

In 5 Element acupuncture we view any symptom as a distress signal from the body, telling us that something is wrong. The symptom is like a fire alarm that goes off in a building. If we simply cut the power to the fire alarm, it will stop making that annoying sound. But the fire that caused the alarm to go off is going to spread if we ignore the signal!

In your body, if the symptom is addressed but not the underlying cause, another symptom will likely arise elsewhere. It’s just a matter of time. When we correct the cause of the imbalance with 5 Element acupuncture, your symptoms and their cause disappear.

Another important distinction of 5 Element acupuncture is that it treats each person holistically – as a whole. Most other styles of acupuncture will address physical problems, but have limited or no effect in balancing you in others ways, such as mentally or emotionally. 5 Element acupuncture treatments provide relief of the physical symptoms of disease and also noticeable improvement in a person’s sense of wellbeing, clarity of mind and openness of heart.

In 5 Element acupuncture we understand how several different symptoms on different levels can be related to each other. Because 5 Element acupuncture balances your emotions as well as your body, my patients experience relief of the physical symptoms of disease and also palpable improvement in their sense of wellbeing. After a 5 Element acupuncture treatment, you typically feel revitalized, relaxed, and notice that you react to stress in a more balanced way.

Worsley 5 Element acupuncture is an excellent form of preventive health care, and is especially valuable in dealing with the everyday stresses of our modern lifestyle. Maintaining our energy in balance with seasonal treatment can prevent illness and keep our spirits uplifted!

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