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Staying Well During the Winter According to The Five Elements

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Happy New Year from Acupuncture and Holistic Health Center!

As we begin the new year and you set intentions for 2023, we’ve put together some tips to live in harmony with the seasons and maintain balance throughout the five elements.

Did you know that each of the five elements (fire, earth, metal, water, and wood) corresponds to a season? While many of us live in the Sunshine State to avoid harsh winters, we’ve had our fair share of cold weather this season. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, Winter is associated with the element of water. Winter is a time to focus inward and reflect quietly, unlike Summer, where energy is bright, external, and expansive. 

During Winter, water that was once flowing becomes frozen and stagnant. In our bodies, water is connected to the kidneys and bladder. Still, if there is stagnation or an imbalance in the water element of our body, it can cause some distressing symptoms that we may not attribute to a water imbalance. 

When water is imbalanced in our bodies, it causes symptoms like:

  • Feelings of fear, isolation (think hibernation during the Winter season seen in nature), depression, and forgetfulness
  • Joint pain, especially in the lower back and knees (often attributed to the cold weather, but it could be due to a water imbalance as the bladder meridian flows through our back and the kidney meridian is connected to our bones)
  • Ringing in the ears, dizziness, or vertigo
  • Sexual dysfunction 
  • Changes in urination patterns
  • Slower metabolism and lack of energy

How to restore balance in your body during Winter:

  • Ensure that you’re staying well hydrated with mineral-rich water and electrolytes, and eat nutrient-rich broths and soup
  • Practice Qi Gong to keep the energy moving throughout your body
  • Wear socks and keep your feet warm (one of the most important points on the kidney meridian is on the sole of your foot)
  • Schedule routine acupuncture treatments to keep your Qi flowing and your kidney and bladder meridians clear of stagnation

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