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Womens Journey 2 oz.


Women’s Journey by Kan Herbs is a premier herbal formula for women with menopause symptoms.


Women’s Journey by K’an Herbs is a premier herbal formula for women with menopause symptoms. K’an Herbs is known for high standards of quality and purity, and has allowed third party testing on their products for decades.


Women’s Journey is based on the ancient Chinese herbal formula, “Warm the Menses Soup” (Wen Jing Tang). The original formula is modified for K’an Herbs by Master Chinese Herbalist Ted Kaptchuk OMD, L.Ac., to increase Heat and Cold clearing, calm the Spirit (Shen) and benefit the Yin.


Women’s Journey improves Cold and shortages in the Conception (Ren mai) and Penetrating (Chong mai) vessels. When these vessels are Cold and lacking, Blood and Qi stagnates as they move through them. When Blood is still, it prevents the creation of new Blood. One function of Blood is to moisten and cool the body. Lacking Blood begins to show a rise in Heat signs. Because of this, Women’s Journey also addresses imbalances that are more characteristic of Heat.


Blood serves as a sign of comfort and feeling fulfilled. For women in the right age range for menopause, physical and emotional changes due to breaks in the Blood cycle may be of great concern. When patterns of Heat and Cold are both present in a woman at the same time, the practitioner needs to address both issues. Women’s Journey is designed to reduce physical signs of Cold. These may include: cold abdomen, fatigue, pale tongue color and pale skin tone. Women’s Journey is also relieves signs of Heat such as hot flashes, sweating (day or night), and disturbed sleep.


This formula may help those who struggle with transitions and changes in their environment. Women’s Journey is used mostly for women in menopause who display both Cold and Heat signs. Psychological signs of Cold include depression and feelings of isolation. Psychological signs of Heat include agitation, anxiety and mood issues.


Women’s Journey is mainly designed to help women make a smoother transition during menopause. Some of these signs of Heat and Cold may be present. It can also be useful for shifting menstrual changes in younger women who show signs of both Heat and Cold. Although this formula is mostly for women, it may also be used for men with inactive Cold and disturbed Heat. Women’s Journey is available in this fluid extract product and tablet form. Ask your acupuncture physician if you think Women’s Journey is right for you.






Oyster shell Ostreae concha Duan mu li
White peony root Paeoniae alba radix Bai shao
Dong quai root Angelicae sinensis radix Dang gui shen
Ophiopogon tuber Ophiopogonis radix Mai men dong
Tree peony root bark Moutan cortex Mu dan pi
Ginger rhizome Zingiberis rhizome Gan jiang
Chinese cinnamon twig Cinnamomi ramulus Gui zhi
Evodia fruit Evodiae fructus Wu zhu yu
Morinda root Morindae officinalis radix Ba ji tian
Licorice root & rhizome Glycyrrhizae radix/rhizome Gan cao
Phellodendron bark Phellodendri cortex Huang bai
White ginseng root & rhizome Panax ginseng (white) radix/rhizome Bai ren shen
Rehmannia root Rehmanniae radix Sheng di huang
Curculigo rhizome Curculiginis rhizome Xian mao
Anemarrhena rhizome Anemarrhenae rhizome Zhi mu
Lycium fruit Lycii fructus Gou qi zi
Polygonum multiflorum root Polygoni multiflori radix Zhi he shou wu

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