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Jade Windscreen 2 oz.


For treatment of chronic allergies, rhinitis, early stages of bronchitis or chest colds.


Jade Windscreen by Kan Herbs is a modern version of the ancient Chinese herbal formula, “Jade Windscreen Powder,” first used in 1481. This formula strengthens what the Chinese call our defensive qi (chi), which is the way our immune system resists infection.

With its leading herb “Astragalus,” proven by scientists in both the East and the West to enhance immune resistance, Jade Windscreen is a premier immune boosting tonic. It effectively protects our bodies against invasion by viruses like the flu and strengthens our resistance to allergens. People who suffer with frequent colds, flu, allergies, or other immune-depressed conditions should use Jade Windscreen when they feel rundown.

Jade Windscreen can be useful as a preventive treatment during flu season, which is October through March. Recommended Use: Adult dosage is 1 dropperful twice daily; once daily for children over age 2.

Uses: Chronic allergies; rhinitis; early stages of bronchitis or chest colds; persistent allergy with runny nose and clear discharge; sneezing; spontaneous sweating on exertion or exposure to wind; recurrent colds and flus, especially in children; respiratory tract infections with underlying Qi vacuity.

Ingredients: Astragulus root, White atractylodes rhizome, Siler root, Chinese yam root, Black jujube fruit, Chinese cinnamon twig, White peony root. Water 55% to 65% by volume. Alcohol 18% to 22% by volume.

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