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Product Highlight: T-Relief Creams

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T-Relief Creams

T-Relief Creams (Original and Arthritis)

T-Relief Cream works well to relieve symptoms associated with inflammation or trauma, including muscle aches and pains, arthritis, sports-related injuries and bruising. Formerly known as Traumeel, this popular homeopathic product works externally to reduce inflammation and provide soothing relief to tired, aching muscles and joints.

There are two formulations for T-Relief cream: one cream for soft tissue (muscles and tendon problems) and one for arthritis (joints). Both formulations are preferable to other natural topical gels and creams on the market, because they don’t just relieve pain like other non-homeopathic products. The all-natural ingredients in T-Relief Cream actually promote healing of the body’s tissues. Results are cumulative, so inflammation is progressively reduced with each additional application.

T-Relief Cream can be used in combination with any drug, including anti-inflammatory drugs. In fact, many patients find that T-Relief Cream is an effective natural alternative to anti-inflammatory pain medicine, without the risk of side effects. Just rub the cream into the affected area any time of day or night, and feel relief within minutes!

For superficial pain and inflammation (less than two inches deep), T-Relief Cream works very well by itself. For deep pain relief, it is recommended to combine T-Relief Cream with T-Relief Oral Drops. The cream and drops are designed to pair together, with synergistic homeopathic formulas. The drops work from the inside, and the topical cream works from the outside.

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