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Postural Therapist Naga Joins Our Team!

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Postural Therapist Naga Wasserman

Please welcome Naga Wasserman, Postural Alignment Specialist (PAS), to the Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center team!

Naga has a long-held passion for holistic health and helping people. When she discovered postural therapy, she was immediately drawn to it due to her strong interest in working with the human body. She provides postural therapy and uses holistic methods to create personally tailored plans to improve the health of our patients.

Naga is certified as a postural therapist through Egoscue University. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Health and looks forward to beginning physical therapy school in Fall 2017.

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To schedule, call (772) 713-7444 or email: Naga@nagalign.com.
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What is Postural Therapy?

Most people have mild to severe misalignments and don’t realize the effects it can have on their health, both now and later in life. When bones and muscles aren’t able to move properly, people get chronic pains that keep them from enjoying certain aspects of life or even doing normal daily functions. We believe chronic pain is your body trying to give you a message that something is not right.

Postural therapy is a holistic approach that helps people heal and changes how they see and interact with their bodies.

If given the chance, your body has the remarkable ability to heal itself. People are not cars that need new parts – we can heal! Just like a cut or broken bone, a herniated disk or degenerative hip can mend. How incredible is that?

People are not made up of several independently functioning parts, but rather are a whole interdependent unit. For example, if your back hurts, it may be related to unstable or rotated hips. We use postural alignment therapy to realign the body and help you move like you used to, with less pain and better function.

Postural therapy is simple and practical. It is based off of eight laws of physical health and the idea that the load joints of the body – the ankles, knees, hips and shoulders – should all be stacked directly on top of one another, with the head balanced over the shoulders.

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Functional front & side

When the load joints are not aligned, it creates wear and tear the body isn’t designed to manage. In the correct position, however, we are better able to handle the demands of activities like walking, running, jumping and even falling. We can reduce pain, improve balance, prevent injury, improve sports performance and unlock our highest potential.

Since bones do what muscles tell them to, we need to re-educate our muscles about their proper function. Postural therapy makes it possible for people who have pain or physical limitations to become more active, enjoy moving again and become more confident.

For those who are active and/or pain free, it can help unlock a higher athletic potential since the body moves more efficiently when aligned properly. Correcting even minor misalignments can help prevent injuries and pain, and have a lasting benefit to our health. This is achieved with a special combination of modified exercises and stretches uniquely tailored for each patient.

Postural therapy empowers YOU and gives YOU the tools YOU need to improve your health.

To schedule, call (772) 713-7444 or email: Naga@nagalign.com.

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