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Is Fire Your Primary Element?

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Fire Woman

We are all a unique composite of the Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood. Each of these Elements has its own special qualities, which blend together to shape our individual personality. Most people are born with all Five Elements in balance and harmony. Sometime during childhood one of the Five Elements becomes dominant, and remains the most important Element in the development of our personality throughout our life.

To understand whether Fire could be your primary Element, let’s look at the main characteristics of the Fire Element within us. Fire is about warmth and enjoyment. Fire type people are passionate about their interests, desires, and the people in their lives. They are energetic, charismatic, and outgoing. They love new adventures and new experiences.

Fire people desire connection with people, and develop a strong social network of friends and family. They love spending time with other people – intimately or in a group. They enjoy being flirtatious and the center of attention at parties. They are witty, funny, and enjoy entertaining others with stories and jokes. They love to laugh and make people laugh.

Fire people are enthusiastic and compassionate, coming from their strong heart energy. The Heart is a key organ of the Fire Element, which predisposes Fire people to be open-hearted, warm-hearted, and naturally joyful. When Fire people touch and connect deeply with other people, it fuels their spirit.

Many Fire type people are told by someone early on in life to not seek the limelight. In other words, they should tone down their Fire nature. Other Fire types who are open and vulnerable get into relationships where their heart is wounded somehow. Such experiences can dampen the Fire within them, which leads their Fire to become deficient – much like pouring some water on a healthy fire in the fireplace. When Fire types go out of balance, they become sad, lonely, depressed, or withdrawn. They are overly sensitive, and may have difficulty with boundaries. Life is no longer as much fun. They lose some of their passion, interest, and enthusiasm. For most Fire people, these imbalances are minimal. But for some, their wounds are deeper and their Fire energy needs more help.

The four Fire meridians in Chinese Medicine are Heart, Heart Protector (also known as Pericardium), Small Intestines, and Three Heater. Whether your Fire energy has lost a little or a lot of your joy, receiving Five Element acupuncture on your Fire meridians can restore your Fire energy. When the burns of Fire are healed, your warmth and enjoyment returns. You can once again shine brightly!

Fire people like sunshine and warm weather, so it is no surprise that summer is the season of the Fire Element. According to the Five Element seasons, we have special acupuncture points we can use during summer that give the Fire Element an extra boost. Call us at the Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center at (904) 296-9545 to schedule a Five Element diagnosis and treatment to determine whether you are a Fire type. If you are a Fire person, it won’t be long until you are on the road to a happier, more joyful You!

By Michael Kowalski A.P., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM)
Jacksonville Acupuncture Physician
@ Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center
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