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Ask Dr. Tracy: Chinese Pulses

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What’s in the Chinese pulses?



By Tracy Kozak, Acupuncture Physician
@ Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center
Jacksonville, FL


Chinese pulse reading is a diagnostic aid that, combined with all the other information about an individual, helps confirm what a Five Element acupuncturist can observe about their state of health. It is a necessary part of an information gathering and monitoring process to measure a person’s Qi (pronounced “chi”) energy and evaluate any response to acupuncture treatment. It produces very detailed information on the state of the internal organs and every other part of the body.

The radial artery is used to evaluate each of the twelve officials (organs) at six different positions on each wrist. These positions are divided into three sections with the yin officials (heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, spleen and pericardium (a.k.a. circulation-sex meridian) being felt closer to the radial bone, while the yang officials (small intestine, gallbladder, bladder, large intestine, stomach and triple warmer) are examined superficially toward the skin’s surface. These six positions per wrist include all twelve officials, as depicted in the picture above.

To evaluate these pulses according to Five Element Acupuncture, the focus on each official’s quantity and quality of energy at each pulse point is critical, since each can vary relative to one another. After determining the condition of each official, acupuncture points are chosen and treated in order to evenly distribute energy among the pulses in need, thereby creating balance and harmony. After the patient has been treated accordingly, the pulses are evaluated again to confirm that the treatment was effective.

Acupuncture pulse taking requires sensitivity and insight. The skill is completely different and foreign to conventional medicine. The pulses reveal more than just one’s heart rate. This is why we take pulse readings for a longer time at The Center than you normally experience at a western medical office.

You may call for an appointment with Dr. Michael or me at the Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center at (904) 296-9545. For additional information, please visit our website: www.treatrootcause.com.

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