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Ask Dr. Michael: Seasonal Acupuncture Treatment

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What is a seasonal acupuncture treatment?

Five Elements

In Chinese Medicine there are five Elements. Each Element has a corresponding season of the year. Spring is the season of Wood, summer the season of Fire, late summer the season of Earth, autumn the season of Metal, and winter the season of Water. During an Element’s season, that Element and its associated organs function at its annual peak of vital energy. This extra energy is available to the organs and meridians of the Element during its entire season. 

As the seasons cycle in Nature, they also cycle within us. We respond to the energy of each season differently, depending on how balanced we are. When an Element is fairly healthy, a person will thrive a bit more during its season. However, if the Element is just a little out of balance in a person, the potential for that Element to rebalance itself during its season is especially great.

When an Element is out of balance, people often don’t notice the benefits of the extra energy the new season gives them. The extra energy of the season is not enough to make a change for the better. If this applies to you, you would benefit from a seasonal acupuncture treatment.

Seasonal acupuncture treatments are special treatments in Five Element acupuncture that enhance the extra energy available to an Element and its vital organs during its season. Your Wood Element can be increased more during spring than at any other time of year, just as your Fire Element during summer, your Earth Element during late summer, your Metal Element during autumn, and your Water Element during winter. Everyone will have at least one or more seasons when receiving a seasonal treatment is especially important, depending on which of the five Elements are most out of balance. The more out of balance an Element is within a person, the more they will benefit from a seasonal treatment during that season.

It is recommended that everyone be treated at least once during each of the five seasons, to give their acupuncturist the opportunity to maintain their five Elements in as healthy a balance as possible throughout the year. That is why from ancient times in China, it is traditional for everyone over the age of 6 to receive five seasonal treatments per year – one during the peak time of each of the five Elements. Staying balanced during the seasons is good preventative medicine to keep you happy, healthy and energized.

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By Michael Kowalski, A.P., Dipl.Ac.  (NCCAOM)
Jacksonville Acupuncture Physician
@ Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center
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