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Ask Dr. Michael: Chronic Stress

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Stressed Out

How can acupuncture help my stress levels
if I experience chronic stress?

Stress can cause our Qi energy to go out of balance, and chronic stress can lead to more severe imbalances. Most of my patients deal with some level of chronic stress in their lives and its effects on their health and well-being.

Getting balanced with 5 Element Acupuncture doesn’t necessarily enable us to change the circumstances that cause our chronic stress. I like to talk to my patients about what stresses them out, because it helps me understand the nature of their stress and how it impacts them. Also, talking about their stressors in a confidential, non-judgmental and supportive environment can often help my patients gain some insight into how to better deal with stressful situations.

One of the great benefits of 5 Element Acupuncture is its ability to balance a person’s emotions and mind. I call it an “attitude adjustment.” Our attitude affects our daily life experience, and it is one of the few things in life we have any control over.

Some of you may know that I recently had a flood in my kitchen and have been getting repairs done on my house for the past few weeks. They were supposed to be completed by now, but are likely to take a few more weeks. I can choose to take a positive or negative attitude because of these circumstances. Using 5 Element Acupuncture treatments to stay in balance is helping me deal with this situation more positively.

The same ongoing stress may remain in your life for an indefinite period of time, but being balanced with a positive attitude can help you to respond better to these chronic stressors. I recommend that anyone with chronic stress receive an acupuncture treatment on a regular basis – at least once a month – to help them manage their stress better.

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