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Are You Heart Healthy?

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It is fitting that we celebrate Valentine’s Day in February during American Heart Month. Valentine’s Day is a time where we focus on the love we feel for the special people in our lives. Our heart is where love resides, both in how we view it from a Western perspective as well as in Chinese medicine. In our culture we refer to a person’s loving nature in many ways, such as calling someone “warm-hearted,” “open-hearted,” or “kind-hearted.” When we use these terms, we really speak of the spiritual heart of a person.

In Five Element acupuncture, we recognize the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual functions of each of the 12 organs/meridians as a vital part of their function of our whole being. The Heart meridian is more than just about the pathway of energy that allows the heart to beat regularly inside our chest. The heart meridian includes how its vital energy functions within us on deeper levels, giving us the power to feel warmth, joy, love and happiness. The heart meridian gives us our capacity for compassion and understanding, and allows our minds and bodies to rest during sleep. It is our inner sense of order, calm and control during stressful situations. It gives us the courage to carry on, even when life gets us down.

The heart meridian plays a vital role in our well-being and quality of life. Without a healthy heart meridian, life can be drab, boring and joyless. The quality of our relationships can become cold and unfulfilling. We can lose control of ourselves during stressful periods, which can leave us feeling overwhelmed or anxious. When the heart meridian is very out of balance, we can feel depressed – as if there is little point to living.

Physically, a balanced diet and regular exercise are very important for our heart health. Equally important for our heart health is developing and maintaining warm and loving relationships, encouraging others through compassion and understanding, and cultivating our capacity for unconditional love.

As your heart meridian becomes more balanced by combining Five Element acupuncture treatment and taking the other steps to enhance your heart energy, your capacity for enjoyment and warmth will increase. Now is the time to get on the road to a healthier heart!

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By Michael Kowalski, A.P., Dipl.Ac. (NCCAOM)
Jacksonville Acupuncture Physician
@ Acupuncture & Holistic Health Center
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