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What Does “Qi” Mean, Anyway?

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Three concepts that are highly important to acupuncture and Chinese Medicine are the understanding of Yin and Yang, the Five Elements, and Qi. But what does qi even mean? To a western mind, it doesn’t sound very real sometimes, or may be confusing when we consider what it means. Qi is translated and understood as the vital life energy that flows through all living organisms. It connects to all things, from the ground under your feet to all the emotions running through your mind to all the functions of your body. Much like all energies, it cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be harnessed, helped, and recalibrated when our lives feel out of order from illness, disorder, and chaos. We are, all of us, a harmonious balance of the qi that make up our lives. 

When our qi is out of alignment, we call that a “block” and it prevents qi from flowing to all parts of our body, mind and spirit. It can lead to symptoms such as pain and inflammation, circulation problems, indigestion issues, menstruation issues, and a whole lot more. By unblocking stuck qi and correcting its natural flow through our bodies, we can realign our balance and return to a more harmonious and dynamic state of whole health. We feel happier and more relaxed. The symptoms are resolved because the root cause of the symptoms is being treated. 

Acupuncture works as the conductor to guide the qi. Think of a grounding conduit for electricity. Without being grounded, the current cannot flow properly. The acupuncture needles help the qi (in this case, the current) ground itself to flow to the areas of your body that are showing signs of an energy block. By working as conduits, the focus of the energy in your body goes to specific areas, allowing the healing to come easier and faster. 

Through the relaxation that acupuncture sessions bring, we can help stagnated qi release itself and promote a spirit of peace instead of stress as you breathe through the conduit flow of qi. Releasing the bad energy and allowing for your life force to flow through meditative relaxation after needle insertion may result in a peace unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

If you have any questions about your qi and how it can be balanced, give us a call today at (904) 296-9545! 

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