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Yin and Yang and You: How Inner Balance Can Affect Your Life

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In the eastern perspective, everything that exists only exists as a relation to something else. Being part of a cohesive whole makes things be seen from a relative position of duality. It is only when viewing something through the relationship that it has with something else that we are able to fully grasp and understand it. This is the philosophy behind yin and yang. The black circle in a sea of white and vice versa is symbolic of everything existing within everything else. 

Yin and yang represent the two forms that qi takes. If qi is the vital life energy that flows through our body, our mind and emotions, and our spirit, then yin and yang describe the two different forms that energy takes. Yin is the material aspect that takes solid form, or substance. When in disharmony, physical symptoms that occur can be attributed to yin being unbalanced. Yang is the immaterial, or the metaphysical, aspects of our qi. Our spirituality, our emotional state, and our energetic vibrations are all attributes of yang. There is nothing material that doesn’t carry with it some form of energy, and there is nothing immaterial that doesn’t have some mass. Even light has mass. 

When both of these governing bodies are in harmony, we are in harmony. We are emotionally balanced, physically healthy, and content in our lives. When either or both of these are out of balance, we can exhibit signs of physical illness or disorders, emotional and physical pain that can be chronic, and overall suffering that we can’t quite get out of. 

Acupuncture works to restore the balance of yin and yang by restoring the flow of qi. Imbalances typically tend to happen when our bodies are out of alignment and not balanced correctly. These blockages, obstructions, or stagnations of qi cause physical illnesses and sickness and emotional irregularity. By making sure that qi is flowing correctly throughout our entire bodies, we can enter a state of harmony that allows us to begin the healing process. Each point that the acupuncture needle is inserted into is known as a meridian point, where energy accumulates and flows through, like a highway. Acupuncture treatment helps ground your qi and restore its natural flow. This helps promote faster healing, reduction of stress, and improvement in your mood and overall attitude. 

If grounding yourself, revitalizing your qi, and balancing your yin and yang is something you’re interested in receiving as treatment or you would like to learn more about, give us a call at (904) 296-9545 today!

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