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Managing Postpartum with Acupuncture

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Handling postpartum depression can be a long, lonely, and stressful time for you as an individual and for your family unit. What should be a time of great joy and celebration becomes a day to day battle to do even small things. You may feel like you’re carrying a burden on your shoulders, or struggling to connect emotionally. Your hormonal state is out of its normal flow, which can cause emotional and mental disarray. You have been told that it can and will be a temporary patch. That you won’t feel like this forever. But time goes on, and it can seemingly get worse, not better. Your stressors grow, your depression grows, and time keeps going by without the ability to move forward from where you feel stuck. You’ve grown anxious, and you’ve stopped feeling any positivity surrounding this new time in your life. Whether you’re on your first or your last baby, these feelings can be overwhelming. What can help?

Alongside medical and mental health care, acupuncture can offer the relief from postpartum depression by targeting the worst of the symptoms and treating the root causes of the issues, which typically is a hormonal flux and energy imbalance. These cause the nervous system to become deregulated and your mental state becomes affected by a swell of anxiety and depression. The hormones of new motherhood don’t always help either. By balancing out the hormonal deregulation, acupuncture can help you rediscover your normal hormonal state, allowing your body to respond the way it is meant to without the issues. 

The way that acupuncture can do this is by releasing endorphins, moderating neurotransmitters, and restoring your mind and emotions into balance. Additionally, acupuncture can help promote relaxation, which can be a godsend for individuals experiencing postpartum depression. If this sounds like it can be an avenue for you, call us at (904) 296-9545 to find out more! 

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