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Adding Holistic Herbs to Your Treatment Plans

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Dr. Michael here!

One aspect of our clinic that can sometimes be a source of interest and curiosity are the holistic supplements and herbs that we use in conjunction with acupuncture. What separates our recommendations and prescriptions from other clinics is that our cabinet is stocked with natural, holistic supplements. The difference is that prescription medication is focused on treating and managing symptoms of a larger issue. But the root cause of what has been causing the issue in the first place may not have gone away; it may still be lingering in your body and can cause other more serious symptoms later on if left untreated. 

Holistic supplements can restore the balance in your body by addressing the larger issues and providing you with an overall good, healthy energy. For example, supplements that improve your gut health support your good, friendly bacteria to thrive so that bad bacteria are crowded out and leave your system. Our herbal and supplement prescriptions work naturally with your health plan to treat the root cause of your health issues. Your qi energy becomes unblocked and restored to balance, the cause of the issue is eradicated, and your symptoms resolve. 

Holistic supplements are also safer and gentler on your organs. Prescription drugs are not without side effects, and some side effects can be unsafe. For example, some medications can wreak havoc on your liver and kidneys, organs that are important not just for flushing toxins but also for many other vital bodily functions. When these organs get damaged from drug use, your body struggles even more to heal properly and to flush out the toxins. Holistic supplements are different because there is no strain on your organs to flush out the heaviness of prescription meds. Natural herbs have balancing components that reduce the risk of side effects. Natural supplements are gentle on your organs, have been used for thousands of years, and there are a huge number of scientific studies which prove their effectiveness.

Working alongside your acupuncture treatment plans, ask your acupuncture doctor about adding holistic supplements and herbs to better maintain and/or treat the root cause of your symptoms. Call us today to have that chat at (904) 296-9545!

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