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Be As Strong As You Can With Muscle Maintenance!

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We’ve all heard the benefits of working out and staying active, and we also typically flock to the gym in the early moments of the year when resolutions are still in the front of our heads and we know we should start making some healthy changes and choices. But when the flip side of working out is waking up with sore, taxed muscles that make it difficult to move and can sometimes be a painful nuisance, we want someone or something to help relax the muscles and get rid of the lactic acid that is causing the sore, tight feeling. We want to be able to walk without limping from overtaxed muscles from squats or raise our arms over our head without groaning after some pushups. 

What happens when we maybe overexert ourselves and find ourselves needing the relief from real pain, like a muscle or ligament tear or a joint that got knocked wrongly and is now giving us grief? Where do we turn to for relief when we get hurt that doesn’t come at the expense of a multitude of pain relief medications that can be really harsh on the organs?

For injury, or even for day to day maintenance to prevent injury, adding acupuncture and massage to your fitness journey this year can make a world of difference in how you recover after a grueling workout, and your overall quality of life and health. Acupuncture can stop the aches and pains by focusing on getting the circulation of your blood and energy to target areas of your body that are tight, sore, and inflamed. It opens the pathways so circulation can flow easily to the target region. It relaxes the mind and body to allow for true rest, a key element in workout recovery. Massage can relax the muscles and get the lactic acid buildup to start flowing better, to prevent such painful soreness in areas of the body you worked out the night before. Both are a great way to treat and prevent further injury such as muscle and ligament tears, stress fractures and microtearing of the fascia, sore muscles, and achy joints. 

Whether you’re a bodybuilder who spends hours in the gym on a daily basis or taking things casually for your health benefits, call today to find out how acupuncture and massage can help optimize your fitness journey!

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