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Fertility Tips for Success in Child Planning

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Dr. Michael here!

I treat my fertility patients with a whole person/whole family approach, relying heavily on acupuncture as the mainstay of the treatment plan. I integrate special acupuncture fertility points with my Five Element acupuncture treatments, to balance the underlying root cause of each individual’s fertility issues.

I also integrate lifestyle recommendations in my holistic treatment for infertile couples which are tailored to each individual. I always encourage my couples to make healthier lifestyle choices that enhance their fertility success rate. I work with my patients to make dietary changes when there is an identified need.

Another unique aspect to my integrative approach to fertility treatment is my reliance on lab testing to identify potential fertility problems. After the results are in, we can decide if it is best to treat one or both prospective parents. In many cases, I can identify underlying causes of the problem, and correct hormonal imbalances with plant-based natural bio-identical hormone therapy. I add nutritional supplements and herbal medicine to enhance fertility further.

If you’re ready to explore holistic healthcare options to increase your fertility in a natural way, please call us at 904-926-9545 today!

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