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Making Acupuncture a “Pal” During Palliative Care

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Cancer is a disease that does not discriminate, is not picky, and is often extremely painful and disruptive for the patient and their families. We can be left feeling a sense of hopelessness, weakness, and a glass-half-empty mentality. Managing the symptoms and the progression of the disease can be made harder, not easier, sometimes, with chemotherapy. Sometimes we’re told that chemotherapy isn’t even an option. So what do we do? Where do we turn to when the pain, discomfort, and symptoms become too much to handle?

There have been many studies conducted showing that acupuncture can be quite a boon during palliative care. The many benefits of including acupuncture are the relief of nausea symptoms left from incredibly strong medication and therapies, more energy and less fatigue, less pain, and better circulation. 

Chronic painful joints, muscles and nerves can be decreased through the addition of acupuncture. It can restore muscle function with less pain throughout the day, can balance out post-operation pains, chemo-related neuropathy, and joint pain associated with chemotherapy. 

Hormone imbalances caused by the cancers themselves or the medication/therapies can be dealt with by utilizing acupuncture. Issues such as hot flashes can be a common symptom for individuals with certain kinds of cancer. By adding acupuncture, hot flashes can be lessened or entirely removed. Emotional imbalances can trigger depression and/or anxiety that can be incredibly difficult to live with without some form of help, and acupuncture can be a big help. 

Finally, among the disruptive issues related to cancer, sleep problems can be some of the worst. Due to either insomnia from medication, restlessness, or pain, it’s incredibly hard to rest and recover if your rest is compromised. Acupuncture can make it so that you get the rest and relaxation you need to truly experience a full night’s sleep. 

All of these and much more can be treated with acupuncture. Here at Acupuncture and Holistic Health, we create an individualized treatment plan to address the root cause of your symptoms, recommend herbs and supplements, and treat you with the knowledge that while living with cancer is a hard battle, we can help make it easier with proper support. 

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