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Holistic Primary Care

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A Whole Person Approach to Healing

Holistic care reflects the need to treat the whole person. We are more than isolated body parts plus a brain. We have a body in which every part is affected by every other part. All our cells are in constant communication. We also have a mind made up of thought and emotions, which can surface and provide us with feedback about ourselves and the world. Sometimes, the emotions can overwhelm us. Finally, we have a spiritual nature. This is where our inner healer resides. To some, this spiritual nature is directly connected to a Higher Power; to others it’s a source of deep knowingness and intuition which surfaces to guide our way.

Our holistic care center in Jacksonville addresses this three-fold nature of body, mind and spirit. Not necessarily all at once; however, eventually they must all be healed or the disease will only temporarily disappear or a new problem will emerge.

Holistic Stress Management in Jacksonville

Stress comes in many forms, and can be the root or source of aggravation of many diseases. Illness and pain are the body’s way of expressing a need to change – to take better care of ourselves, to eat better, to sleep more, to learn to control our self-critical thoughts and emotions which arise from the stress in our lives which we cannot control, to release the past, or jobs or relationships that are unhealthy for our well-being.

Dr. Kowalski spends time talking therapeutically with his patients, to understand what stresses them and how their stress affects them. He focuses on the main stressors in their life, and how to manage these stressors in a healthier way.

Holistic Maintenance and Preventive Care

Dr. Kowalski believes in “teaching you how to fish, rather than feeding you a fish.” Dr. Kowalski’s goal with each patient is to help them become more able to help themselves, and to come back less often for treatment. Just as our cars require ongoing maintenance care, so too does our precious health. After getting well, many of our patients continue holistic care including acupuncture treatment on a monthly or seasonal basis, to maintain their improved health.

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