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Cardiac Px Capsules – Cardiovascular Support*


Supports acute heart problems and long-term chronic heart insufficiency.*


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Cardiac Px capsules are concentrated herbal capsules providing a higher dose of cardiac herbs which can be used for acute heart problems as well as long-term support for chronic heart insufficiency. This formula is well suited for patients receiving the WT3 protocol. Cardiac Px Capsules are therapeutically stronger than Cardiac Px Titrate and come in a more convenient capsule form.*

Suggested Use: 1 capsule twice per day. Never exceed more than one capsule in a one hour period or more than 4 capsules in one day.

Drug potentiation can occur with Digoxin.

Background Information There are two Cardiac Px formulas , Cardiac Px Titrate and Cardiac Px Capsules. Both of these products are highly effective in managing a variety of heart problems ranging from chronic heart insufficiency to rapid heart rate. Both are also useful in the management of the cardiac irregularities that sometimes occur during the WT3 protocol. Cardiac Px Capsules are usually the preferred formula because it is more potent and it is in capsule form. Nevertheless, the capsules are highly concentrated and need to be used with discretion. Cardiac Px Titrate, on the other hand, is a good choice for people that are sensitive to herbs because it is a liquid formula that can be titrated to a precise dose based on person’s individual needs.*

Please Note: Many people will benefit from Cardiac Px Titrate, and it is the preferred formula for people who are sensitive to herbal supplements or medicines. It is also important to note that people who exceed recommended dosages with Cardiac Px Capsules have a much higher risk of developing potentially serious effects than people taking Cardiac Px Titrate. If you have a patient who you feel might not follow directions carefully it is recommended that they be given the less potent liquid formula named ?Cardiac Px Titrate?.

The Cardiac Px formulas contain both fast and slow acting herbs. They appear to be very helpful in a variety of heart conditions, and are perfectly suited for people doing the WT3 protocol. People often notice beneficial effects on palpitations and ‘jitters’ within 15-30 minutes. Cardiac Px formulas can also result in long-term improvements in heart function that can be detected on an echocardiogram. Changes can begin to show within two months of regular use.*

Cardiac Px Capsules appear to be helpful in the following complaints: irregular heat rhythm, chronic heart insufficiency, bundle branch problems, EKG abnormalities, fast heart rate, slow heart rate, a history of heart problems, or family history of heart problems. It can also be helpful for people who have heart complaints due to a hyper-functioning thyroid gland.*

Cardiac Px Capsules consists of a potent extract of the four primary cardiovascular tonics of western herbalism. Lilly of the Valley (Convallaria majalis) is indicated for use in mitral insufficiency, feeble circulation, chronic heart problems, swollen ankles due to heart problems, irregular heart rhythm, and shortness of breath. It is considered to provide many of the benefits of digitalis without the side-effects (Felter). Hawthorn (Crataegus oxycantha) is considered as one of the best remedies for the heart and circulatory systems (Hoffman). Cactus (Selenicerius grandiflorus) increases the strength of contractions and slows the rate of the heart (Chevallier), and is used to calm heart palpitations from nervousness (Hoffman). Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) has demonstrated the ability to decrease rapid heart rate while improving cardiac efficiency. It also reduces anxiousness and nervous tension (Duke).*

Cardiac Px Capsules with the WT3 protocol Most people tolerate the WT3 protocol quite well. There is a chance, however, of cardiovascular irregularities such as increased heart rate, increased awareness of the heartbeat, and palpitations. The Cardiac Px formulas have shown the ability to calm increased pulse rates and/or palpitations, which may occasionally accompany the WT3 protocol. They can also calm the nervousness and anxiousness that can sometimes be associated with the WT3 protocol. If people do experience any cardiovascular complaints while on the WT3 protocol there are a few measures that can be taken. They are explained more thoroughly in the Doctor’s Manual for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. They include;

Adjusting the T3 dosage* improving the punctuality of T3 doses* taking a T4-test dose (involves using a weaker thyroid hormone {T4} to reduce the effects of T3)* Sometimes these measures are not enough. Occasionally there are people who still have a difficult time tolerating the WT3 protocol. People have reported that Cardiac Px formulas have helped them tolerate the WT3 protocol extremely well when they couldn’t have tolerated it well without it. Doctors have also reported that Cardiac Px makes it easier to use the protocol because people have fewer cardiovascular complaints. If people on the WT3 protocol start having palpitations they can take a dose of Cardiac Px Capsules right then and it will usually diminish the palpitations within a half hour (we also recommend a T4-test dose to stabilize the T3 levels). If people start having cardiovascular complaints their doctors can advise them to try taking Cardiac Px before making a trip to the office. Cardiac Px formulas usually solve the problem.*

In fact, we recommend that all people on the WT3 protocol take Cardiac Px Capsules twice a day in an effort to avoid cardiovascular effects in the first place. It’s very comforting for people to know that they have something in hand that they can try taking if they start having any complaints.*

If people are experiencing heart rates of over 100 beats per minute Cardiac Px formulas can help.*

To Enable People With Cardiac Risk To Qualify For the WT3 protocol Some people who want to undergo WT3 protocol have abnormal EKG’s, fast heart rates, or a family or personal history of heart problems. WT3 is not advisable for these people unless their heart complaints are normalized. After taking Cardiac Px Capsules, many people have found improvements in their EKG’s and/or pulse rates so that they were able to do the WT3 protocol. For example, two people wanted to start the WT3 protocol but their resting heart rates were around 103. Both people took one capsule of Cardiac Px per day and their pulse rates decreased to between 70 and 80 bpm within three or four days and stayed there continuously while they were on the WT3 protocol. Of course, Cardiac Px is often useful in many conditions (listed below) even if the patient isn’t going to take the WT3 protocol. *

General Tune Up For The Heart Cardiac Px Capsules are not a treatment for cardiac complaints. They contain a collection of herbs that appear to have restorative effects on the function of the heart itself. This is fundamentally different from the effects of most heart medicines. This helps explain how Cardiac Px can be helpful to people with low heart rates as well as people with high heart rates. It also explains how Cardiac Px can help with a variety of heart problems. Most people who benefit from Cardiac Px formulas won’t need to take them for life. Most will be able to remain improved even after stopping it completely, or they may only need it very infrequently.*

Chronic heart insufficiency possibly with Chronic Chest Discomfort and/or Fluid Retention After an episode of chronic heart insufficiency a lot of people can have fluid retention all over their bodies. When the insufficiency is really severe sometimes that swelling never totally goes away. There have been cases in which the fluid went back into the tissues within a week or so just by giving Cardiac Px capsules.*

Irregular heart rhythms After starting to take Cardiac Px Capsules, some people with irregular heat rhythms have been comfortably able to do the WT3 protocol. One patient, finishing her fourth month of the WT3 protocol, had less irregular heat rhythm than before she started. If doctors choose to manage people with irregular heat rhythms, it should be done very carefully. It might be wise to not go higher than about 45 to 52.5mcg of T3 per cycle. Please see the Doctor’s Manual for Wilson’s Temperature Syndrome. Cardiac Px Capsules can be given for one or two weeks before the WT3 protocol is started. It is good to have people come back to the office once a week to check on their progress.*

Cardiac Px formulas appear to provide nutritional substances, adaptive stimulation, and supportive effects for the heart. Some people may benefit from taking Cardiac Px ttwice a day for life (for example, people with a family history of heart problems). There doesn’t seem to be any harm in staying on Cardiac Px in recommended doses. It may actually help people to have stronger hearts.

Dosages Your doctor can call 800-420-5801 to make a technical support appointment to get dosing information.

Cardiac Px Capsules should not be taken in doses greater than three capsules a day in divided doses, and not to be used more than once in two hours. These products must be kept away from children

Side Effects: Cardiac Px Capsules are normally very well tolerated within the recommended dosages, and we have had no side effects reported. One of the main active ingredients are cardiac glycosides, which are also found in Digoxin; but the cardiac glycosides in Cardiac PX have a very short half-life compared to Digoxin and have a much lower potential for toxicity. Nevertheless, overdosing on Cardiac Px Titrate or Cardiac Px Capsules is potentially very serious. Symptoms of overdose include irregular heat rhythm, high blood pressure, restlessness, confusion, weakness, rapid heart rate, headache, vertigo, and cardiovascular collapse.*

We have been asked at what dose might side effects be noticed. There have not been any reported side effects from the use of Cardiac PX capsules to date. However in the literature we found a case in which one patient took the equivalent of four caps of Cardiac Px capsules or 8 tsp/ 640 drops at once of Cardiac Px liquid and experienced irregular heat rhythm and severe shortness of breath. However, we want to stress that people should never exceed the recommended dosages and that physicians monitor dosage.

Drug Interactions Drug potentiation with cardiac drugs especially ones that contain cardiac glycosides such as Digoxin should always be considered with both Cardiac Px formulas.

What to Expect Results can be noticed in as few as 15-30 minutes for acute complaints, and 1-4 weeks for chronic complaints. Response to the product varies by condition and individual.*

Lab Tests EKG and echocardiogram can be used to assess the impact of the Cardiac PX.

Side Benefits: Cardiovascular health.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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