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Ask Dr. Tracy: The Truth About Acupuncture

What is one of your favorite moments
being an Acupuncture Physician?

As a young acupuncturist, I was sitting in a lecture. The lecturer brought up the word “Truth.” I asked the question, “Yes, but how do you know what the truth is?” Immediately upon asking the question, I remember wanting to shrink in my chair. However, I really wanted the answer because honestly, at that moment, I didn’t know what the truth was. I wanted to know THE TRUTH!!! The TRUTH about everything!

A lot of time passed after the lecture before I finally got an answer to that question. One day, I was sitting with a patient, who was contemplating going to acupuncture school herself. This patient was completely frustrated. She wished that she could make other people see the “TRUTH.” There was that word again! At that moment, the truth became abundantly clear. I had a moment of enlightenment. I love it when that happens!

I was able to communicate to her that, even though there is a Universal Truth that goes beyond human understanding, what is happening in this exact moment – a person’s thoughts, a person’s feelings, a person’s every ounce of being – is the Truth. No matter our opinions about an illness, a disease, an ache or a pain; no matter our personal feelings about someone’s thoughts, feelings or actions, it doesn’t change the Truth that is there before us. That was a huge moment for the both of us.

My job, as an acupuncturist and health care provider, is to treat my patient’s illness, disease, aches or pains and restore balance and harmony to them physically, mentally and spiritually. This knowledge has shown me to view each of you in your own light and treat you based on the TRUTH of what is happening in your life! I appreciate every one of my patients for the opportunity to care for them and I am grateful for the experiences they present me.

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